The Need:

The recidivism rates for incarcerated individuals has presented perplexing and overlapping challenges for everything, from prisons to law enforcement, courts to individual towns, to homes and families living with its consequences.

 (In Pennsylvania alone in 2017)

Our Response:


The Reclaim Project seeks to change that narrative. We are a re-entry and pre-apprenticeship program, specializing in a tailored education for those with learning disabilities or those in need of additional literacy skills. Individuals enrolled in a Reclaim project cohort, receive education and training in Introductory Craft Skills from industry professionals.  During the hands on training, we seek to complete projects that serve local communities . Therefore, individuals are not only receiving an education and gaining skills, they are providing a positive impact on society.  Our desire is to use this pre-apprenticeship program to bless entire communities, not just the individuals who enroll.  These workers are creating spaces primarily for youth and children’s outreach ministries. Our first project is with TRAILS Ministries in Beaver Falls, creating a children’s outreach center. As a result, we are not just teaching skills, but teaching the importance of paying forward, giving back, serving.  Then, the newly trained workers are set to re-enter the workplace with resumes, experience,

and references from their trainers, so that they can gain meaningful employment.

This program is initiated in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and works with people in our market area that are in need of the skills necessary to demonstrate to future employers work ethics, conduct, on-time management as well as construction related skill sets. The program touches parolees as well as citizens that have recently returned to civilian life.